Each of our 52 cards has a collection of personal development movie snippets from a colourful collection of speakers, leaders and communicators. 

Our physical deck is infused with over 6.5 hours of bonus digital content from a colourful collection of people. We’ve got soul-stirring speakers and thought leaders. Consummate coaches to fab filmmakers. DJ’s to MBA’s. Marvellous magicians and kindness campaigners. We always seek out everyday magic makers to tell their short, high impact stories to help you and others to grow.

These further enhances the card theme and provide the cards holder with a thought-provoking growth boost. You’ll find our most recent videos related to each of the 52 cards, plus a library of classics from previous months.

You must have purchased a box of our amazing Cognitize cards to view each of the videos on this site. Please visit our shop to buy our amazing card deck.

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