52 Cards Of Limitless Learning

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COGNITIZE is a people development focused card game that creates limitless opportunities for players to transfer their learning into cohesive action.

Boost the retention of learning of one person by sharing it with others so that they too can benefit.

The 52 specially designed COGNITIZE cards are flexible and can be used in many different ways and can be used for multiple learning opportunities. Maybe it’s a continuation of the discussions outside a learning event or a virtual chat with your friends or a colleague. Perhaps it’s a tool for a team meeting, a personal development aid, a problem-solving catalyst for change, or even some quick-fire fun to boost learning.

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A LEARN to stretch our development.

A SHARE opportunity to develop someone else.

A GROW card themed collection of video stories.

A REPEAT cycle to share the idea forward.

The cards are broken down into six categories of which Connect, Ignite, Engage, Enable, Empower, having nine cards and the Joker category having seven.

Each of the cards can be used in a selection of pre-prescribed activities developed by our experts in learning.

The cards are beautifully printed on heavyweight card with a matt lamination and the box is beautifully produced and embellished with a vibrant pink shiny foil to really bring the box to life.

The cards are individually designed and produced using a relaxed and informal style of illustration to make sure all the cards look and feel the same.

Dimensions: The approximate size of the box is 72mm x 105mm x 25mm

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